Friday, July 29, 2011

Introduction and Overview defines the word simulacrum as "an effigy, image, or representation." In college one professor paraphrased that definition by calling a simulacrum "a copy of something without an original."

This project began as an attempt to bridge various forms of social and artistic media in the hopes of forming a new genre or subgenre of literature. It centered around one narrator, known only by the self-imposed moniker of "the Loser," and was my attempt at writing a work on par with "American Psycho" for the internet generation. As time dragged on and my interest in writing from one perspective (specifically from the perspective of a character whom I personally despised) dwindled, I found myself wanting to challenge my own abilities as a writer by experimenting with different narrative voices.

Thus, Simulacrum was born.

Combining first-person narratives from all kinds of people in all kinds of places, my hope for this project is to collaborate with artists of various mediums on each of these vignettes in an attempt to create something that isn't just a book/blog, isn't just a song, isn't just a film, isn't just an image - but is in fact all of these things individually and simultaneously.

The influence of other writers will be obvious here. Comparisons will likely be drawn to the works of Bret Easton Ellis, Hunter S. Thompson, William Faulkner, James Joyce, and J.D. Salinger - not in regards necessarily to the quality of the work, but specifically to the style.

As a note on the content of Simulacrum, stories will range from the very simple and innocuous to the intensely disturbing and graphic. As people's sensitivity to and perception of these elements will vary, there is little point in deciding which stories should get content advisories and which ones will not. Let this serve as a general content advisory - Simulacrum is an exploration of the human heart, soul, and mind and needless to say there are dark passages within all of us. My hope is that in this work and through this project, you will come to a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you - either by intensely identifying with one or more of the characters or through intense repulsion of the same.

As a final word, Simulacrum has no date of completion and will be considered an ongoing project until it reaches completion - whenever and whatever that may be. If you have ideas for the project and want to contribute, feel free to contact me. Just remember that this project is not open to "anything and everything" so bear in mind that not every contribution or idea will become a part of this project. Having said that, I greatly look forward to collaborating with people from all over the world and my hope is that Simulacrum will be a watershed moment for post-modern literature.

~Ben Johnson

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